Spiritual Word Check..

And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them which are sanctified (Acts 20:32).

 The Word of God is the building block we need as Christians to shape up our lives and become all that God has planned for us to be. This is because the Word has inherent ability to produce what it says. In Joshua 1:8,

Words have a power all their own
Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

ever before Joshua could embark on the mission of leading the Jews into the Promised Land, God instructed him to meditate on the Word regularly and keep the Word in his mouth. He was to have the Word in his heart and in his mouth, and be completely taken over by the Word. That way, he would be careful to do the Word.

 This was necessary because God had premised Joshua’s success on meditating on the Word. If this was true for Joshua, it’s all the more true for us today as Christians. The Word of God is what we need to live a successful, prosperous and victorious life. Thus, you shouldn’t allow any kind of failure in your life! God has given us His Word that’s able to make us successful, prosperous and victorious. Our responsibility is to think God’s thoughts; speak and live according to His Word.

 God’s Word is our sure road map to a life of unending victories. So if as a Christian you’ve been experiencing consistent failures rather than victories in your life, what you need do is a Word-check. It might mean that you’re not living according to God’s Word. Now, that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily doing something wrong. It does mean, however, that there are some important things you’re not doing. An example could be proper meditation on the Word; it’s a sure recipe for success.  Praise the Lord!


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